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For the highest quality at your plants: Automation Technology

Professionals with class.

Everybody’s talking about Industry 4.0. But we approach things successfully. Based in Gera, owner-run and with a clear mission: reliable monitoring of industrial sites — in all conditions. Because safety is not negotiable; we know that, and so do you.

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3,250+ projects implemented in 15 years — 1 team

This is what experience looks like: we have visualised many complex and complicated production processes around the world and across Germany, thereby solving plant problems. There’s little we have not yet seen. We have shown in umpteen projects, always in the same team, how intelligent monitoring allows companies to operate more successfully again — a range of experience from which you can but profit.


Ralf Wohlfahrt



André Kresse

Management/Sales/General management


Vera Dalibor

Administration manager


Nils Blau

Technical service


Stefan Fischer

Project management

Special solutions

Special. More special. AT.

No two plants are the same. No two processes are the same. Everything is special. And exactly that is normal for us. We specialise in cracking tough nuts. In this respect: you get everything from us, but nothing off the peg.


Immediate aid

Head doctor treatment. Straight away.

Whatever acutely impairs your plant performance: we’ll be there in a flash to solve the problem We always spring into action on the first appointment — without weeks preparing an offer. Because we know: every impairment, every malfunction, every minute costs money — and is a major pain in any case. And that is to be avoided.


Technology from market leaders

Only the best. No compromises.

The success of your monitoring stands or falls by the quality of the tools used. For this reason we work exclusively with tried-and-tested technology from well-known manufacturers. That puts us yet more firmly in control.



Our coordinate system: worldwide.

We are always there where you need us. No way is too far for us, no plant too tricky. Our know-how has taken us to many different countries. We also deliver imaging and video technologies wherever they are needed. For example, to our cooperation partner AL MANASEEB CONTRACTING COMPANY in Saudi Arabia. Where can we become active for you?


Industrial Diversity

From automotive to cement industry: 100% commitment.

No question: every industry, every plant is different. But one thing remains constant: our delight in optimising, lateral thinking and problem solution. Click on “To the industries” to see how we can support you.

  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Chemical industry
  • Energy
  • Airports
  • Glass industry
  • Port facilities
  • Wood processing
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Paper industry

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